I was just thinking about life circle. how it’s give you opportunity to do something new in life but most of the time we are unable to find what really we want and loose our opportunity to do something and always live in guilt/depression.

today i am writing about Depression:

Why we all talking about depression, most of the time when our mind want another things and we are doing another things then a chemical dis-balance produce in our mind that’s is cause of depression. when we feel blank in our life, we know , we have everything then still we are in that situation when mind can’t be determine that what really happen with us, then a situation create that is called depression.






I was addicted of porn. I was thinking i should to die,my self- confidence had been broken. Then every day, every decision break me because of my continuously failure. I want to suicide my frustration level on pick then suddenly one day something good happened in my life then i realised what is life. When you have nothing to loose and you are on the door of death then one time miracle will happen with you then tell to your self ,ya i am human.


So we are talking about strength, weakness and failure and success. Failure is path of success, we know all about that but there is one stage where you will learn exactly what is life. Today, we are talking about vision,goal all of that words gives you energy. But what I want to share with you?

I am talking about energy ‘jo words apko energy de aur patience bhi, to vo cheeze sahi hain’. Those words gives you energy and patience then that is final you will learn a lot on that path.